We’re a flexible and talented agency. To make things simpler, our full service offerings are divided across three categories so make yourself at home and check out all the creative and exciting things we do!  
2. marketing
3. content

Web Design

New websites, updated websites or even change requests for existing websites. Web design can range from the very simple alterations to the most complex of projects. No two peoples requirements are quite the same which is the way it should be. Make your website unique and shout the message you want to convey!

Social Media

Social media is a fast paced area with which we are all somewhat familiar.  Utilising the space to effectively market your brand though is a completely different matter.  Avoid the pitfalls and learn how to effectively connect with your audience and give yourself the edge over the competition.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is present in varying degrees in almost everything digital.  The quality of image created digitally is of great importance and can enhance your website, your emails and any other channels to convey the professional image you wish to portray.


Connectz offer premium shared web hosting and premium cloud hosting. A part of a digital business which is often undervalued, hosting your website on a good server will make it run faster & more reliably whilst better handling an increase in visitors over time. Add ons like Daily backups of your site keep it safe should something go wrong.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been at the cornerstone of digital marketing since the concept of digital marketing was first conceived.  Over time, the do’s and dont’s have changed and Connectz are well placed to design and manage email campaigns to ensure industry beating open rates and engaging content for the reader.


Written content is crucial for so many reasons.  Building a website and then leaving it be will only get a business so far.  To keep it’s reputation growing amongst consumers and the search engines, content creation is king and putting in the right written content will help your website establish a strong position on Google.


Is your branding on point?  Perhaps you are starting a new brand or perhaps you have an existing one in need of updating.  Branding of course incorporates your company logo, but it reaches further than that.  Utilise design, font, colours to make your branding both memorable and consistent across all channels.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the new kid on the block.  Taking digital marketing to a whole new level, think ‘smart marketing’ with the Smart Connectz platform available to Connectz customers.  Providing industry leading analytics and customer tracking, you need to see this in action to believe it!

Videography & Editing

Whilst written content is the foundation of content creation, video content is the future.  Using industry leading technology of image stabilized cameras and drones along side high end editing software, we can create video content such as interviews and brand videos, that will wow everyone who views it.  All our content is shot in 4K for the sharpest videos out there.


Search engine optimisation commonly known as SEO is the many many factors that dictate where your website will appear in search engine listings.  We’ll show you the do’s and don’ts and can offer our services in on site and off site SEO to put you ahead of your rivals.


Corporate Photography is a key attribute of displaying your business publically.  In this day and age snapshots from your phone will not cut it on a retina screen!  Our in-house professional photographer can show your business in the best of lights so that you can convey a positive image to the world.