A Prelaunch Website & Digital Strategy

Taper barbershop is a new brand to hit Glasgow, but the people behind it are veterans of Glasgow hairdressing scene.  They have decided to use their experience to bring a premium gents barbershop to the city.

At this stage we weren’t concerned with anything greatly complex.  The website requirement was quite basic and we can always revisit and update at a later stage to add new features and expand on its content.  The first aim is simply to gain the online presence.

The result of this is that very quickly, Google have recognised our website and appropriatly listed it.  Shortly after we have the site appearing #1 in Google for certain terms, making the website highly visible and laying the foundations for further SEO campaigns at later stages.

We’re top of Google and we hadn’t even opened the doors yet!

Crucial to the launch of the business in general is a digital strategy.  Gone are the days when a business plan & digital strategy are separate entities, they are now one and the same!  If a business is going to even only very slightly look to build word of mouth…that’s now digital.  If a business is going to do any advertising…that’s now digital.

With the opening of Taper looming, our aim was to equip them digitally whilst they take care of preparations of the actual shop.  This falls into a few distinct areas, web design, SEO and a digital marketing strategy.

As with any new build website we construct it with our own SEO best practices in mind.  This means that every aspect of the site is put in place with it’s search engine performance in mind.  Some of these aspects are what you would call ”on site”, whilst others are ”off site”.

As part of their early strategy for Taper, we have encouraged them to engage with local influencers via Instagram, give these people a value offering and trust us, the rest will take care of itself.  If you would like to know more about digital strategies, drop us a message with your question, we love to talk digital!

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