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Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City Effective Marketing

If you are into your audio you will have heard of Bang & Olufsen.  The legendary Danish company have been making some of the most iconic AV products for over 90 years now, making them not only an icon in sound engineering and design, but also the oldest AV company in the world.

Connectz have worked with Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City for some time and as well as constructing their website which has reached all areas of the United Kingdom as well as further afield, we also handle their marketing.  Email marketing is something which has gained a bad reputation in recent years due to the amount of spam we tend to all receive on a daily basis.

We develop email campaigns to deploy for Bang & Olufsen based on a mixture of segmentation and the recipient reactions to our emails.  For example customer A might not be interested in speakers but may be interested in TV’s so using data analysis we can cleverly ensure the emails are reactive to the customers behaviour.

A minimum figure closer to 30%, well above the industry average.  On occasion we have had an open rate as high as 84%!

Many people out there will miss these points and see their email marketing fall flat on it’s face.  Many would be lucky to see an open rate of 15% these days as people are inherently fine tuned to sense and avoid sales emails.  At the lower end of the scale our emails have open rates of a minimum figure closer to 30%, well above the industry average.

Their brand thinking is not to engage heavily in traditional marketing campaigns and they largely gain business through word of mouth and new customers via their sub brand Beoplay who sell items at a lower price point to bring new people into the brand.

That said, when done properly, there is still a place for it.  So the first place we look is to the content.  It needs to be engaging, it needs to offer value.  A straight up sales message is ok every so often but you need to give the recipient more reason to click and read.

On occasion we have had an open rate as high as 84%!  This level of email engagement in this day and age is practically unheard of so if you want to tap into digital channels effectively, be sure to get in touch for your free consultation so that we can impart some value to you.

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